Incorporated in San Gabriel Valley of California, NEO-TEC has been in business since 1985.NEO-TEC has been actively involved in the research and development, manufacturing, testing, and marketing of innovative cosmeceutical skin care products and treatments.Our laboratories developed several productlines for use by dermatologists in the treatment of problem skin care and cosmetic laser surgery, using the newest material and technology available.These product lines include:L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C,) Hyaluronic Acid, and marine collagen-based products.

Since 1985, NEO-TEC has provided packaging and marketing services for physicians seeking to develop their own brand of skin care products.With this service, NEO-TEC started to expand into the international market focusing on Asian countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. In 1987, NEO-TEC introduced the NEO-TEC skin care line of products that are designed for the medical needs of pre and post-laser or post- peel treatments. Two years later, a complete line for OTC cosmetic use was also launched. These two lines together represents the most cutting edge technology in the cosmeceutical field today.

In 2005, NEO-TEC introduced its most innovative growth factor-based products for anti-aging treatment.

In 2006, NEO-TEC started a new private label, UNITEC, with focus on whitening products for the consumer market.

NEO-TEC will continue its efforts to research and find effective skin care products.We will also continue to offer a wide range of innovative products and treatments to both the medical field and for OTC cosmetic use.