Active Renewal & Moisturizing Essence
Active Smoothing & Revitalizing Cream
Eye lifting Anti-wrinkle Cream
Royal Jelly Age-Reversing Elixir
Multifunctional Moisturizing Cream-gel
Integral HydraFirm Day Cream
Multifunctional Anti-wrinkle Concentrate
Pure Gold Youth Essential Complex
Daily Hydrating & Defence Toning Serum
Pore Perfecting & Skin Illuminating Cream-gel
Advanced Hydrating Essence
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Oil Control Skin Brightening Gel
Multiplex Hyaluronan Hydrating Jelly Mask
Ultra Whitening & Spot Lightening Serum
Intensive Whitening Serum
Deep Cleansing Mousse
Deep Hydrating Aqua Toning Lotion
Active Smoothing & Revitalizing Cream


Joining the unique repairing function of snail secretion filtrate with powerful anti-oxidizing activity of swiftlet nest extract, this facial cream delivers instant hydrating and reviving effect to dry, stressed or dull skin, while improving skin texture with repeated use. Reveal an integral appearance of smoothed, brightened, moisturized skin.


Skin types:
For all skin types

Unit sizes:
50 gm