Active Renewal & Moisturizing Essence
Active Smoothing & Revitalizing Cream
Eye lifting Anti-wrinkle Cream
Royal Jelly Age-Reversing Elixir
Multifunctional Moisturizing Cream-gel
Integral HydraFirm Day Cream
Multifunctional Anti-wrinkle Concentrate
Pure Gold Youth Essential Complex
Daily Hydrating & Defence Toning Serum
Pore Perfecting & Skin Illuminating Cream-gel
Advanced Hydrating Essence
Enhanced Hydrating Aqua-gel
Oil Control Skin Brightening Gel
Multiplex Hyaluronan Hydrating Jelly Mask
Ultra Whitening & Spot Lightening Serum
Intensive Whitening Serum
Deep Cleansing Mousse
Deep Hydrating Aqua Toning Lotion
Deep Hydrating Aqua Toning Lotion


A highly hydrating toner formulated with hyaluronan, multiple amino acids which constitute the natural moisturizing factor of skin. Also featuring antioxidants and anti-inflammation ingredients work to protect the skin against the damage all around. Suitable for all skin types.


Skin types:
For all skin types

Unit sizes:
300 ml, in bottle