Skin Brightening & Refining Concentrate
Advanced Silky Radiance Facial Treatment Cream-gel
Brightening & Soothing Toner
Skin Lightening & Resurfacing Masque
Progressive Illuminating & Perfecting Serum
Proactive Anti-wrinkle Essential Complex
DuoActive Firming & Brightening Complex
Ultimate Restorative Face Cream
Eye Essential Forte
Moisturizing Gel+
Maximum Hydrating Essence
Hydro-Seal Intensive Moisturizing Lotion
Skin Recovery and Hydrating Masque
Intensive Moisturizing & Calming Serum
Ultra Moisturizing Restorative Concentrate
Intensive Soothing Cream-Gel
Moisturizing Make-up Removal Micellar Solution
Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Facial Mousse
Gentle Cleansing & Moisturizing Facial Mousse
Refresh Toning Solution
Moisturizing Toning Lotion
Gentle Cleansing & Moisturizing Facial Mousse


This mousse cleanser combines a mild amino acid cleansing agent and various soothing substances to provide a purifying effect with added hydration. It gently removes dirt, surface oils, and impurities without altering the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving you with a cleansed and replenished face.


Skin types:
Normal to Dry Skin

Unit sizes:
150 ml, in bottle